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Velebit Park of Nature

About Velebit Park of nature.

Velebit degenia is the best-known endemic species of the mountain’s remarkably diverse plant world, which also includes Velebit bellflower and Croatian sibbirhaea. The mountain of Velebit is also home to wolf, bear, lynx, chamois, golden eagle and many other animal species.

Velebit Nature Park is the largest and the most complex protected area in the Republic of Croatia. In relief and vegetation terms, it covers the most important mountain of Croatia, but also of the Mediterranean. Due to its natural values and significance for the conservation of biodiversity of the planet, Velebit became part of the UNESCO network Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) in 1978.
Velebit Nature Park is undoubtedly the most important area of Croatia when it comes to the flora, and it is one of the most important centers of flora diversity in Europe. Complex abiotic and biotic factors, in synergy with distant and recent geological past and the presence of man in recent history, have resulted in an extraordinary and internationally recognized biological treasure. Considerable literature and rich plant collections gathered on Velebit have not yet been analyzed in full, which is why it is difficult to be precise concerning the numbers and the richness of the flora.

Park info:

VELEBIT Park of nature
Kaniža Gospićka 4b
53000 Gospić
Phone +385 53/560-450
Telefax +385 53/560-451