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Velebit Nature Park is the biggest and the most complex protected area in Croatia, covering the key mountain in the country. Due to its value and significance for the conservation of biodiversity of our planet, the Nature Park became part of the UNESCO network Man and the Biosphere Programme. The value of this area can clearly be seen in the fact that the mountain of Velebit includes two National Parks – Paklenica and Northern Velebit – as well as the cove of Zavratnica as a significant landscape, the cave complex Cerovačke špilje as a geomorphological monument, the site of Velnačka glavica as a paleontological monument of nature, and Štirovača as a special forest vegetation reserve.

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Učka Nature Park encompasses Mount Učka and a part of the Ćićarija mountain range. It is located along the northern Adriatic coast at one of the most northerly points of the Mediterranean, right where Istria meets the continental part of Croatia.

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