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St. grgur island


Location: Sv. Grgur and Goli otok are Kvarner islands in the northeast Adriatic, south of the Prvić island. They are 3 km apart from each other.
A visit to the former political prison camps on the islands of Goli and Sv. Grgur will touch anyone who ventures there. The brutal side of our people's history still lies trapped between the walls of two infamous prisons, one for women, another for men, which will give you the answer to the question of why they were a taboo topic for (too) many years.

History of prison for political prisoners

In 1949, prison camps for Yugoslav political detainees were established there, and the locations were chosen because the islands were uninhabited and escape was impossible
A total of 16,101 male and female prisoners were held at the Goli otok camp, and 413 people lost their lives there due to natural causes, murder or suicide
Mostly communists accused of collaborating with the Soviet Union were sent to the camp, after Tito stood up to Stalin in 1948. Their treatment was not only physically brutal, but also morally degrading because they were forced to beat each other.
The penitentiary was closed in 1986, and one of the former prisoners, Dragoljub Jovanović, who wrote a book about the horrors people were subjected to, also wrote something you may well ask yourself at the end of this educational trip: How many rains will it take to wash away the shame?

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