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About us & our apartments

Apartments Dida moj are located in the first row next to the sea and above the beach 3m. Distance to the sea is 6m, the apartments have a view on the terrace and balcony on the island of Krk, Prvić, Rab, Cres and Goli otok and Pag. Apartments are unique, especially in the morning and in the sunset. Guests can have a bath at any time of the day by simply going out where they are already in the sea. In addition, when guests decide to go to the down town, they have only 4 min walk along the sea. If they want to go to restaurants and cafes, and they do it 0-24h it is literally 1 min walk. Most of all, our apartments attract guests traveling with children while they sit on the terrace, having kids on the "eye" that are on the beach. Also the vicinity of the sea attracts even the elderly who do not like walking up to the beach. Often our guests are tourists who who like to sit outside on the terrace and watch sunsets. Senj has a very good tourist geographic position, considering that 4 national parks and one nature park are only 40 minutes drive away.

Because we live in the same building as our guests we are at their disposal most of the time. We speak English, we are very open to all guests nationalities, and we are family oriented hosts.

In our polls first thing our guests mention among each other are clean and clear sea to what we are especially careful about. In our under Velebit channel large ships are forbidden to enter because of the endemic and unique species of flora and fauna eg. ''the suburban shrimp'' which is certainly best known there. Besides the city has been given the recognition for the sea water quality and purity several times as the winner in the highest world level, which is also largely helped by the natural breeze that often blows in the winter.